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Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

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there was a seat outside, it was one of many, and one guy got up off the seat and left to have a cigarette so i sat down on it. 15 mins later I went to get a drink and told someone to mind the seat, when I got back someone was in it. I asked if I could sit back down, they said yes, no problem.
my friend: "you know you can't really push people out of the seat"
me: "oh, but i asked for it to be saved, its no big deal"
my friend: "yeah well you stole the seat from steve when he went to get a cigarette you know
me: "well thats cos he left, you know, its no big deal"
5 minutes later A seat near me is empty, my friend looks like she wants to sit down so I tell her to come over, so she does and I say to her (joking)
me: "ahh but watch out cos ollie was sitting there before he might want it back"
*smiles not at all maliciously*
my friend: "you know Marlaina, the only reason I said that was because you come over to my house and you always sit on the couch & you never ask and its my house I should get to sit on the couch"
me: "oh, I am sorry, I didn't realise, I did say to you guys the other day if you wanted to sit on the couch together just ask me"
my friend: "yeah well that was only one time you did that, you should never sit on the couch first, the couch is for the people who live in the house"
me: "oh"