Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Anthony Romano
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA



Alicia: Have any of you bought a term paper online before?
Me: No.
Alicia: Hmm...I'm wondering if they are any good.
Me: You do know that the school has a program that can tell if someone has purchased a paper online or plagiarized their paper at all?
Alicia: Damn-it! I'm just not gonna do the paper then. Stupid Independent study.
Me: (in a stern but concerned voice) What!? Do you not wanna graduate?
Alicia: (with an interesting glare) I'm not going to write a thirty page paper. Did you know that you had to meet with your professor for an independent study?
Me: Um..Yea! That's usually how it works.
Alicia: What!? I took it cause I thought, I do what I wanna do, turn it in and get a grade. No one ever told me I had to set up meetings with my advisor.
Me: (frustrated) Maybe if you paid attention. There's a lot to an independent study. You need to show what your working on and get feedback. Your taking the initiative to take a class that isn't offered because you have an interest in covering the material.
Alicia: Well, I didn't expect it to be this hard. Maybe I'll just lie. My mom won't lie for me and pretend she's employed at the Fulton.
Me: (under my breath) At least there's one honest person in your family.
Me: What do you expect this is college not middle school. Your supposed to be an adult, supposed to be taking care of yourself. Maybe if you'd stop bitchin' you'd get the paper done. It might not be thirty pages, but five might show you at least somewhat care about your grade.
Alicia: (in a VERY irritated voice) Yea. I guess.
Me: (sigh)