Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Devon S.
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



Me: Do you think we have intelligent conversations?
You: ...I think we have conversations.
Me: You don't think we are intelligent people?
You: I don't think I am intelligent. I just am. You just are.
Me: Do you really think that?
You: Yes.
Me: Maybe you aren't intelligent, but I am intelligent.
You: You are, maybe, but together we are not.
Me: I don't like what you're saying.
You: (give a look of indifference)
Me: you never wanted me. You just got used to me.
You: if that is what you want to believe. But I love you.
Me: You should go home.
You: i'd love to.
Me: Good.
You: Give me the phone.
Me: Get it yourself.
You: I don't want to go out there.
Me: (retrieves phone and hands it to you)
You: (dial your father) Hey Dad. can you pick me up?...Nothing. No.
Me: NO! (hangs up the phone)
You: You just hung up on my dad.
Me: You're being rude. he just left here and you're going to make him come all the way back.
You: you just hung up on my dad.
Your phone rings.
You: Hello? Yeah. No, she didn't want me to. But yeah. Please. Thank you. No, i don't want to talk about it anymore. Thanks...thanks Dad. (Hangs up the phone) He's such a great man. He's so selfless (chokes up).
Me: I wish you didn't do that. (leaves room)
Me: (re-enters room) Why did you do that?
You: Because i just want my own bed.
Me: But you can't leave now.
You: it's too late.
Me: I wish you would care more. (leaves room)
You: (enter room). I'm going to wait outside.
Me: You need to tell me what you want. I need to know if i have to move on from you.
You: (say nothing, leave room)
Me: (leaves room) Are you seriously not going to say anything to that?
You: you said you had to move on from me.
Me: i said tell me what you want!
You: I don't want it to be over.
Me: I feel like that's not enough.
You: I am sorry. It is going to have to be. (reach for a hug) Why did i call my dad? (leave the room, then the house).