Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

A. Swanland
Los Angeles, California USA



A: Why does it say my name on the invitation?
Mother: Because I thought it looked better if your name is on the invitation instead of the Mothers.
A: But Mother....everyone knows that I am not planning it! Baby showers are not my thing, which is why you are doing it! Everyone knows that you're planning it...why not just put your name on it?
Mother: Because you will be doing a lot in the weeks to come and your name should be on it.
A: I'll be doing the cooking for the day. That's it!
Mother: And the shopping.
A: Whoopti whoo! (Sarcastically)
(Long Pause)
A: God, this makes me feel bad!
Megs' friends and you took over because I am not a baby shower person...should the sister always have to plan the bachelorette party and the baby shower?!? God! I did one, I'm not doing the other! Now this makes me feel that everyone thought I should be doing more and had to have my Mother take over then forge my name on the invitations to cover up for my lack of interest! God! Now everyone is going to be calling me and asking me questions about an event I know nothing about!!!
Mother: No honey, it's just best of the sister's name is on the invite with her friends instead of her Mother's.
A: God, this makes me feel bad!