Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

K Van Schoik
Columbus, Ohio USA



her: let's get out of here.
me: okay.
her: what was that in there? you were humping his leg!
me: WHAT?! we were just dancing.. everyone was dancing..
her: you were leading him on. did you want to go home with him?
me: what? christ..no. we were DANCING. for not even one song. for a fraction of a song.. i don't know how you could think--
her: you were HUMPING him! i thought we were there together. i thought you were my girl for the night. i thought you came with me, were going back to the motel with me..
me: i was! i am! how could you think otherwise?! everyone knew we were there together.. while you were up on stage they said to me, "that's your friend, right?'' everyone knew. there was no confusion. i was having so much fun.. we were having so much fun..
her: i know! but it was the end of the night, and i thought we were ready to leave, and i turned around and there you were with that guy.. i don't know, maybe it's cuz it was a guy.. i was even thinking, like, there were so many cute people there, i was thinking maybe we'd find someone we'd wanna invite back to the motel with us.. a girl, or maybe, even, a guy.. yeah, i'm a lesbian who likes to be fucked by guys sometimes.. i know you're bisexual.. or whatever.. we all are, a little bit.. but i don't know, i just couldn't believe you let him hold you like that when you were dancing, led him on..
me: [silent. incredulous. making that face christina ricci does in BUFFALO '66 when she's in the photo booth w/vincent gallo and she thinks they're having a great time and then he gets mean and starts making bogus accusations and she know there's nothing to do on her end but wait it out..]
her: [still rambling] young women! why do i..... i fuck them, and i fuck them....
me: [pissed, that again, it's come back to my age] we can't get in the car yet. we've had too many beers.
her: [still ranting, in the rain now] you were HUMPING him.. [conversation repeats]