Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Hope Williams
San Diego, California USA



Amanda: (to Amy) Why don't you go first?
Amy: Well, we just wanted to talk to you because we've been discussing things and we know that you've been talking about us behind our backs.
Hope: What?
Amy: Amanda told me that you think I'm really annoying and that I act like a baby.
Hope: Ok, I admit that I complained you were annoying me, but you act completely different when we're one-on-one than when you're in a group. When we hang out I really enjoy you, we have intelligent conversations. But when you get around everyone else you act like a fucking two year old.
Amy: Whatever.
Amanda: You told me that you couldn't stand Amy and that she was the most annoying person in Atenas.
Hope: That's stupid, why would I say that?
Amy: So you're saying she's lying?
Hope: That's exactly what I'm saying.
Amanda: That's what you told me.
Hope: I'm not going to argue with you about it.
Amy: Well, on the night when I was sad because everyone was going to go to Guatemala, you said that you were thinking about going.
Hope: So?
Amy: Well then the next day you told me that you never even considered going.
Hope: I don't see the point.
Amanda: If you didn't want to go, you should have just said so. But you lied to us and said you were thinking about it.
Hope: I wasn't lying! You wanted to convince me to go because you couldn't go without me. That puts a lot of pressure on a person. I said I'd think about it but I knew that I didn't want to abandon my volunteer project.
Amanda: You just say what you think people want to hear.
Hope: This is really stupid; it's not even a big deal!
Amanda: Whatever, Hope. You think you're so mature but really you're two-faced and judgmental.
Hope: Oh my god...
Amanda: Flo told me that you were talking about me on the first day. You said I was touristy and that I wasn't trying at all. That's really low.
Hope: You tried to pay for a 25 cent bus ride in a foreign country with a $50 bill! That's fucking stupid!
Amanda: Oh, well I'm *so sorry* I didn't study the currency. I was told that most places accept American money.
Hope: It's not a matter of studying, it's common sense. You don't pay for the fucking bus with a $50 bill, it's ignorant!
Amanda: You just judge everyone all the time. You didn't even know me and you were making assumptions.
Hope: That's right, I didn't know you. So why get mad at a bad first impression?
Amanda: It's the point. Even when we met those guys in Puerto Viejo, you didn't even give them a chance. Right away you were judging them, saying that you didn't like them.
Hope: Yeah, because all they fucking talked about was how cool pot is and how the government should legalize marijuana. That's really annoying; they were idiots!
Amanda: I don't know why you're yelling. I haven't raised my voice at all.
Hope: Because this is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard!
Amy: You know, we thought that maybe you'd want to apologize or be mature about it.
Hope: I'm not going to apologize! You're a fucking bitch! (To Amanda) And you're a bitch! Both of you can fuck off and never fucking talk to me again!
Amanda: Well merry Christmas!
(Hope walks away.)