Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.




Her: have you asked your parents about lift home
Me: no
Me: dunno whenever
Her: like..tomorrow
Me: like whenever i can be bothered
Her: god dan, whats the big deal?
Me: excuse me. exactly bel, what IS the big deal
Her: i give you lifts EVERYWHERE. i need to know like BEFORE saturday because i cant get a lift and if i cant my weekend is practically ruined because ive pretty much blown off a big party so i can go to smiths with you
Me: ERG. why does everything isabel have to be hideously dramatic
Her: it doesnt, i just need to confirm what im doing
Me: alright
Her: are you scared of asking them or something
Me: yes bel im terrified of my own parents.
Her: well i dont see why you cant just say, 'can you give me and bel a lift home on saturday', before the actual day
Me: because they arent sitting in front of me right now is why
Her: yeah well you couldve said, 'ok ill ask them later or tomorrow', not 'when i can be bothered', as if you dont give a shit whether i can go or not
Me: im sorry for not being able to talk properly.
Her: i think it should be sorry for being an arse
Me: well i thought it should really be fuck the hell off, but i changed my mind
Her: oh, so just because i'd like to know what i'm doing this weekend, after i've blown a friend off for you, i should fuck off? yeah that's really fair
Me: no, you should fuck off for being so insanely touchy whenever i say anything at all.
Her: you're the touchy one, you always have to snap
Me: YOU always have to snap
Her: no, you can never give an answer, you always have to be difficult
Me: i said i will ask them when i can be bothered, there is nothing difficult about that, but you have to get in a piss anyway
Her: there is, because i NEED to KNOW, i NEED to KNOW SOON, not whenever the hell you feel like it
Me: whatever, go to your party if im not quite efficient enough for you
Her: no, ill just go back to sams, i dont want you to ruin my weekend because you cant be bothered to find something out for me
Me: i didnt say i wasnt going to find out, you just assume that because you think im a useless pile of shit
Her: no, you're being difficult, do you think you're always right? at least i can admit when im wrong. i just wanted to know when you were going to ask
Me: when have you ever, ever done that
Her: you couldnt even give me an answer, you have to be bitchy about it -- many times, im always the one that makes up with you after an arguement
Me: i dont KNOW EXACTLY when i am going to ask
Her: yeah but not 'when i can', when i can BE BOTHERED
Me: i will ask when it is appropriate
Her: well why didnt you say that, why did you have to make it so it suits you
Me: because when i can be bothered is something i would say, when it is appropriate is something the queen would say
Her: no, 'when i can' is fine
Me: so youre in a piss because i added be bothered on the end
Her: im in a piss because you dont seem to realise or care my going depends on it
Me: i REALISE, what do you expect me to do
Her: but you dont care, basically
Her: i dont know, at least ACT like you give a shit
Me: i dont have the energy or patience to be caring and sentimental about everything as little as asking my parents if they can do a lift, its just stupid
Her: how about your friend who's invited you out actually being there
Me: i dont put a huge amount of thought or care into simple answers to questions like when are you going to ask, the answer is when i can be bothered, ok? thats just the answer
Her: whatever