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Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"Two Sheet Remedies by Iris"
Iris Andrade
Phoenix, Arizona USA
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Pretend your pregnant tummy ache remedy
1. Get a fresh sheet out from the linen closet, the one off your bed is fine, too.
2. Crumple it up like you would a piece of paper, or roll it up into a small ball.
3. Tuck under your shirt, right to your stomach (hopefully you're wearing one that is loose enough to accommodate it.)
4. Lie down in a comfy and warm place. Cradled in fetal position on your side works best, hugging the crumpled blanket to your stomach.
5. Wait it out and through the warmth the blanket acquires from your body heat, it will redistribute it to your tummy, and your stomach ache will start to feel better. I suppose it's the budget-conscious/make-it-yourself version of a warming blanket.
6. Sheet selection could also aid in the healing effects of this sheet technique. Care Bear prints helped me as a child!
Alleviating a restless night's sleep that is due to nasal congestion with a sheet
1. Get a fresh sheet out from the linen closet, the one off your bed is NOT an option--besides, you'll need it to keep the rest of your body warm.
2. Without unfolding it, place it atop your head, directly on top of your forehead; the lower edge covering the entirety of your nose.
3. Inhale the scent of fresh linen and relish in the clean feel of the sheet on your face. It works sort of like a milder version of vaseline--much better smelling, too!
4. You may want to get out several sheets as it works best when the sheets are fresh and cool. They will eventually get warm from your body heat, and feel less comfortable, so alternating with 2 or more sheets wouldn't hurt.