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Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"Remedy for a stye on the inside of an eyelid."
Stevan Baird
Walla Walla, Washington USA



(warning: causes discomfort, use at your own risk, consult your doctor, blah blah blah.)
- several granules of cayenne powder
- saline solution or eye wash
Drop in about 15 to 25 granules of cayenne powder into the solution.
You need only a VERY small amount of the cayenne.
Then put some drops in your eyes and scream and cry like a baby. No, it really isn't that bad, but painful enough to keep your eyes closed for at least 5 minutes.
Cayenne powder is a wonderful medicinal herb to be used wisely.
I first did this several years ago, but did it recently again. I asked my eye doctor what the "eyelid pimple" was that was on the inside of my eyelid. He told me it was a stye, and said to heat up an egg and place it on my closed eye. I asked him if the idea was to increase the circulation, and he said yes. So....
I decided to do the old YEOW! Eye Wash again, and it helped. Like "they" say, no pain, no gain... right?
Apparently cayenne powder is all bark and no bite, at least in the negative sense. It can cause a lot of pain with no damage, if used properly. I remember reading that there are no damaging acids in the powder. Acids which are similar to what you would find in fresh jalapenos or habaneros. Quite often cayenne powder can be used as a "helper" herb to speed up the healing effects of other herbs.