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Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"How to heal a nosebleed"
Ken Heidle
Buffalo, New York USA



I have a long history of nosebleeds beginning at a very young age. Due to a weak blood vessel in my nose, I am very susceptible to them. A slight bump on the nose or even a change in temperature can start one very easily. Needless to say, I have become somewhat of an expert on how to stop them and have developed a very effective method.
The first thing to do, when you sense a nosebleed is coming on, or when you notice that your nose is bleeding, is to go to a bathroom if possible. Obviously this will help with the clean up, and prevent blood from getting on anything. Use a tissue or napkin if you have one and pinch the nostrils together until you can get there. Keep it pinched and do not let go until the entire process is over. Also, make sure you do not use your nose to breath, use your mouth instead. The next step is to then use the other hand and pinch the top of the bridge of the nose between the eyes. This is where the base of the blood vessel is, and by pinching it, blood will no longer be able to flow out the nose. Keep this position for about 5 minutes to assure that the bleeding has slowed down if not stopped. If you don't have a watch, you can count or even sing a couple of songs in your head to pass the time.
After this, while keeping the top of the nose pinched, let go of the bottom and check for bleeding. Use a new tissue so you know if the blood is fresh or not. Keep checking every once in a while until no blood is found. Then you can let go of the top. Give it another minute and check again, to sure it's over. Now you can try breathing out your nose again. Sometimes, a blood clot may have formed, if this happens, there will be a little more blood coming out, but it's a sure sign that the bleeding has stopped. When it's over, clean yourself up. Wash you hands, face, and anywhere else blood may have gotten on. Put a few more clean tissues in your pocket to carry with you, just in case it starts again. Also try not to sneeze for an hour afterwards, because that may aggravate it once more. That's it, follow this method and nosebleeds will never be a problem.