Learning To Love You More




Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"Healing yourself from deep emotional trauma:"



Do it yourself advice is not always the best.
Step 1) Find a nice, quiet place to get lost in the deep recesses of your mind. If it is a clear night, and warm enough, go under the stars. Lie down on the grass and look up into the sky. If you are in a city - drive for forty five minutes until you get to a more secluded area. Get out of site of your car.
Step 2) Make sure you bring some bright, happy, optimistic music. I'll suggest the polyphonic spree.
3) Have a bit of fun; look for familiar constellations, look for interesting sites; Aurora Borealis, Mars, Shooting Stars.
4) Think about the issue at hand; if it is losing a loved one; think of all the great and happy things you can about them. If it is dealing with a part of yourself that you are ashamed of, think of why this "bad" part is really actually a good way; put everything in your best light.
5) Sort the issue out in your mind in every possible way. Just sit and think for the entire night.
6)Fall asleep half way through the night.
7) Now, wake up and find a friend who is tolerant and caring. They don't have to be a good friend, but somebody easy going, who will listen and be comforting is a must.
8) Tell them everything from top to bottom. Even if you are ashamed (A), or it is very personal (B), or a combination of both. Bounce ideas; put every possible side of the issue forward. You just spent a good couple hours thinking about it. What are your concerns? What is good about this situation? If you lost a loved one, don't be sad. Think of the good times you've had. If you are thinking of something terrible about yourself (say, Self-abuse) think of reasons why it is part of you, and an acceptable part of you.
9) Go forward to a bright new day, and trust in yourself regardless of what you may be dealing with or hiding.