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Assignment #42
List five events from 1984.

Melody Claussen
Sacramento, California USA
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1. I discovered what nudists were while camping with my friend and her family. We happened upon them at the creek when we went panning for gold. Jackpot!
2. I was ridiculed by my best friend for having a Cabbage Patch Kid knock-off, you know, the ones without the signature on the right buttock. I named her Sandy Lynn, since she didn't come with a prepackaged name.
3. I had my first boyfriend this year named Philip. He was two grades below me, and our two-week relationship consisted of seeing who could jump the highest from a swing. I won, according to sixth grader, Tim Sheridan.
4. I entered the Elks' Lodge "Hoop Shoot", which donated a dollar to charity for every basket you made. I think the charity helped blind kids. The kid who made the most shots got a trophy. I only made two baskets, so I got a Charlie Brown-looking plaque made of paper and cardboard.
5. My best friend's dad killed himself, so she and I began what would later be known as "the Dead Parents Club". These meetings consisted of sitting around and contemplating why your parents are dead, while eating Steak-um sandwiches and drinking her mom's Diet Cokes. We'd give up on the whole deep, philosophical aspect of the meetings and would end up having belching contests.