Learning To Love You More




Assignment #42
List five events from 1984.

Josh Krauter
Austin, Texas USA



1. I learned that the girl I had a crush on also had a crush on me. I was six or seven years old, so that's as far as it went.
2. I received a copy of Van Halen's "1984" on cassette for my birthday. My mother has a photo of me, sans two recently loose teeth, holding up the cassette while wearing a t-shirt reading "Rock N Roll" that depicts a shirtless man holding a guitar while being engulfed in flames. I'm grinning.
3. My friend's father drowned while in Alaska on a fishing trip.
4. My second grade teacher held a mock presidential election to teach us about the voting process. I was one of two kids who voted for Mondale. My reasoning: I didn't like Reagan's hair.
5. Due to a reel mix-up at the drive-in movie theater in my hometown, the R-rated "Police Academy" was shown before the PG-rated "Deal of the Century." My parents let me watch it anyway, and I saw my first on-screen breasts. During intermission, I got out of the car to talk to some other kids from my school. We all felt like we had gotten away with something big. What I remember of the enthusiastic conversation goes like this: "Did you see the boobs?" "Yeah, did you?" "Yeah! I saw the boobs!"