Learning To Love You More




Assignment #42
List five events from 1984.

Courtney M.
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA



1. I went to England for the first time in my cognisant memory and met my mother's side of the family. I was introduced to Spaghetti-O-type pasta called "Invaders." (it had an alien theme to it).
2. I got the "Ghostbusters" picture book from my order with Scholastic books. Upon taking it home, I realized there was a two-page picture of the Library Ghost when she transforms to terrorize our heroes. It scared me so much, I opened the book away from me to show a friend, saw the tips of the ghost's hair in the picture and dropped the book, running screaming downstairs. The book was placed on top of the china cabinet out of my little brother's reach so that he could not use it to scare me in the future.
3. My family moved from one part of town to another. I had to change schools and when I was telling my teacher that I was leaving, I tried to put my hands casually in my pockets when I realized I had put my pants on backwards.
4. At my new school, I had my first boyfriend. We had an extremely short peck-kiss in the parking lot after school one day. It was so scandalous! We were so worried we were going to get in trouble!
5. Also at my new school, my somewhat misunderstood sense of humor reared its pretty head when I threatened, jokingly, to punch a classmate's "lights out." My teacher did not think that was funny.