Learning To Love You More




Assignment #42
List five events from 1984.

California, USA



1. In 1984 I started junior high (7th grade). I'd just chopped off my brown waist-length hair into a shoulder length grannie perm and gotten glasses. I immediately regretted the cut, but couldn't readily admit it to my mother. She begged me not to cut it and she cried when I did. If only she hadn't wanted me to keep it long...then I just might have forgone the butcher block. Oh, and the glasses - they were torture. I begged for contact lenses from the first day. They never made me feel like a smart, sexy librarian. (I'd secretly hoped they would)
2. My mom bought me my first pair of hip jeans. They were made by Gloria Vanderbilt (very "now" at the time) and I wore them as often as I could wash them. Then one day Stephanie Mulry made a public, rude remark about how often I wore them. It crushed me. I rarely wore them after that...I thought everyone would notice and would remember what she'd said.
3. I also had another remarkable fashion memory from 7th grade - I had the most awesome lemon yellow parachute pants - they made me feel very cool. Needless to say, I wasn't - I looked like a banana with a perm.
4. It was rumored Kelly and Mark has sex in 7th grade. They were the hot couple at that time and they were some of the first kids "known" to have had sex. I was sort of horrified and I thought Kelly was a slut (everyone did), but I was also jealous. Although, I was still very scared of sex and hadn't even kissed a boy yet.
5. I'd discovered heavy metal music from my brother Brad and kids at school. I was pretty quiet and soft spoken, so it was great to have this loud and aggressive outlet. I still love angry, loud music.