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Assignment #42
List five events from 1984.

Elanore Vance
Columbus, Ohio USA
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1) My second grade teacher hit a boy in my class across the face with a hardbound book.
2) I was obsessed with becoming an Olympic gymnast and had a notebook with a holographic cover depicting the Olympic rings and drawings of gymnasts in which I wrote about my Olympic dreams.
3) My mother got her tubes tied and, in explaining what the procedure would entail, shattered my belief that a woman gets pregnant if she kisses a man and really, really wants to get pregnant by explaining the cold hard truth about the mechanics of sex.
4) The night of the election I sat in front of my blackboard in the basement and pretended to be a reporter pointing to graphs and percentages I had drawn. I saw a mouse run across the floor and I jumped up on this desk I had that when you opened the lid was a pegboard. When the mouse disappeared and I the paralyzing fear that had frozen me began to melt I jumped from the desk, my momentum overturning it. Pegs flew everywhere and the mess sat for at least a month as I refused to go back in the basement for fear of seeing the mouse again.
5) Under the impression that the song Gloria will be on it my mother buys the soundtrack to Flashdance. We are both disappointed when, after listing to the album in its entirety, we find that the song is not featured.