Learning To Love You More




Assignment #42
List five events from 1984.

Tina Louise Weber
Kirkland, Washington USA



1. I was in Junior High school and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada where I was born and raised.
2. I spent the summer with my best friend Ginger, her Dad, Step-mom, stepbrother and half sister in a beautiful summer house in Cardiff By the Sea, California and that summer I smoked my first cigarette in the park, had my first real kiss with a surfer boy at Solana beach and broke up with that same surfer because he was wearing leather pants at a concert. I was mortified by his leather pants!
3. My dad was a culinary worker on strike against the Four Queens Casino and Hotel in 1984 (where he had worked as a bartender known as "The Jellybean Kid") and my friends and I went to visit him "downtown" on the corner of Fremont, just a couple of blocks off of Las Vegas Boulevard I remember that the corner we were standing on was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "brightest corner in the world" so it was as bright as mid-day even at midnight and we chose to follow my dad and marched around with signs. He sent us home pretty quick.
4. I discovered Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys and transitioned from Rock to Punk Rock. I would get up weekdays at 6 o' clock in the morning to hear our local university radio station's 2 hour punk rock show. Those two hours of music were everything to me.
5. In 1984 the world's worst industrial disaster took place in Bhopal, India so, on Dec 3rd 1984, toxic gas leaked from the poorly maintained and understaffed Bhopal plant owned by Union Carbide, killing up to 20,000 people and leaving 120,000 chronically ill to date and TO THIS DAY the polluted site of the abandoned factory, bleeds poisons daily into the groundwater of local residents. Dow Chemical now owns Union Carbide. Boycott Dow please.