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Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Describe a cherished, lost possession."
Jenny Hart
Austin, Texas USA
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Tell how it was lost, and what you think happened to it. Provide a photo of the lost object if possible (or drawing). If the possession was replaced, include a photo of the replacement and compare the two.
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Somewhere around 1996 I bought a small, homemade shirt from a vintage shop. I think I paid $5 for it. It was a sleeveless cotton top, with a harlequin print. The colors were white, mint green and a peachy pink. It was tailored as if for me, and I wore it often. One day I noticed that it was gone. I had been aware it was missing for some time, but remember when I actually realized it was lost and began trying to find it. It confused me for many weeks, because I couldn't place myself anywhere outside my house where I would have left the shirt, except for a short trip to Tulsa. Calls to friends and family turned up nothing, and I began hoping it would 'just turn up.' It never did, but I talked about the shirt for a while since I couldn't imagine what had happened to it and where it ended up. Finally I decided I would try to find something similar. Not long after I looked for something new, I found this shirt, which actually has little in common with the other one, except for the cut. The print and color are unique like the other shirt, but this one always reminds me of the other shirt - and how I preferred it to the one I have now.