Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Georgia, USA



I want to be cremated. I saw someone else say that it was better to remember the person at a place other than a hole in the ground at a depressing place. I don't want my ashes spread in one place though. I don't really have a single place that I like over others, I like many different places. Just like i like many different things in all areas of my life. I think it would describe me well to have my ashes scattered all over the place, and for my loved ones doing the scattering it would be a great experience, going to all these places that I had been to when I was younger. If my loved ones want to, they can put a memorial stone type thing in a memorial garden. But it shouldn't be normal looking and I don't want flowers, only sprigs from various mature trees. The ceremony should be small and nice where people say honest things about me, with plenty of humor. And I'd be neat if people wore red with the normal black, I like that color combination.
These places to scatter me would be:
1. From a moving car in the North Georgia Mountains.
2. Next to the water fall at the bottom of Cloudland Canyon in North Georgia.
3. In the wind from the dunes next to the southeast shore of Lake Michigan.
4. Next to the creek of both of my childhood homes.
5. From a moving boat on Lake Sinclair in Middle Georgia at 7:30 in the morning on a sunny or foggy weekday.
6. Somewhere in the older part of Elkin, North Carolina.
7. In the wind on Holden Beach in North Carolina, at night.
8. If possible, somewhere in The United Kingdom or Australia. I always wanted to go to those places.