Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Craig Bloom
Buffalo, New York USA



This is a touchy subject simply because I am terrified at the though of ever not living. To me the body is nothing without a functional brain so what happens does not bother me too much. It is sort of customary that people be buried with there family members. I would want to be buried with whoever my future wife and children might be. Although I want nothing more than a plain burial, I would like my words to be heard long after I am gone. I am not entirely sure how I might do this, but one thing I might do is leave everyone I love a personal letter that they could each read and keep to themselves. Since this assignment really asks me to come up with what they could do for me, I would want people to share my physical accomplishments in life. By this I mean dividing some of my childhood pictures, earliest art work, earliest pieces of writing; everything reflective of my child hood up until my adult life so that I might not just be remembered as an old man, but as a lifetime itself. Since one of my great passions is film, perhaps my friends and loved ones can give the information necessary to make a movie about how grand my life is yet to be. It should be a biographical film sort of like "The Aviator" which is about Langston Hughes, except it would be about the roots of my creative mind. It would start with my childhood and describe my family life. I would want my mother, father, and sister to be played by people who might really portray who they are and will one day be a "were". The movie might capture my journey as I fail time and time again but rise again to make some of the best pictures ever created. The movie should talk about my entrepreneurial mind and my ambitious nature which is to create an empire that keeps growing. I want to live on through my loved ones and be respected by my loved ones. I think it is more of my duties to live an interesting life than it is for them to carryout certain tasks. If my life is as interesting as I expect it will be, than hopefully them making a movie about me will not be an issue at all.