Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Corbin Booth
Iowa City, Iowa USA



I would like to have my flesh and organs fed to animals, buried without preservatives (other than ones I've spent a life ingesting) or to some how take on a new form through a transformation or chemical process like oxidation. OK I guess that people could have them for food or if someone needs a kidney and mine matches up that would be fine. Transplant or consumption constitutes the transformation I speak of. Ultimately, STRIP MY BONES and set them aside until further instructed. If you feel emotional about my graduation from this plain then take some of the money left for this and hire someone to do it. Someone thorough and discreet.
Alright, good, now that you've done that, and thank you for that, I know that couldn't have been easy, take them to the craftsperson, who's contact info I have provided, with the design plans for the rocking chair. They should be expecting you.
Now, baby, if it's you who's reading this, and it is you who is to be carrying out my final wishes, I would like to give you the option of plan B. There are another set of design plans that incorporate your skeleton with mine to a make lovely porch swing. My skeleton is to be prepped, preserved and stored away until you're ready to depart. Of course your body will have to be processed and stripped in very much the same way to be fused with my remains. In this case please sign the amended document attached.
Next. Have crafted appropriately sized cushions for said "Rocker" or "Porch Swing" so that it's comfortable for our great grandchildren to take a ride on my/our laps.