Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Sam Brown
Billings, Montana USA



There is one place i want my body to rest: on a mountain. preferably in nepal, but alaska or the alps would be fine. all my friends and family would be invited. prior to this, when i know i am dying, i will compose one final peice, it will be played on the procession up, most likely a couple of violins, a viola, a set of uelliean pipes and an acordian. i will be either carried up by sherpas or my friends, whichever are most available. i wont be in a coffin. i will be on a stretcher. once at a suitable location, they will lay my body down, and cover it with lilac blossoms. then, everyone present will go grab two stones, both fair size, no less than two fists. then, they will each lay one on my body and take the other home. once my body is covered in stones, two torches will be lit, and a plaque layed on my cairn reading, "John Samuel Brown. I am your discovery: i live on in your memory". I would like a prayer from the people native to wherever i am buried to be said. then, everyone will come down the mountain, carrying their rock of me. they'll take it home, and set it where it will remind them of me.