Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

San Francisco, California USA



Upon my death, don't feel like you have to pretend to care if you don't - it's okay, I understand. If applicable, I'd like if any usable organs were to be donated, and from there my body be cremated. Ideally, I would like the remaining people who knew me well and cared about me, that felt like taking it on, if any, to split my ashes up and distribute them as they feel appropriate (somewhere that I enjoyed, would have enjoyed, somewhere we had a good memory, somewhere that needs me, in the drinking water for all the police departments that have injured or wrongly detained/arrested me, abandoned buildings). A couple specific places I would love nothing more than to have a bit of me scattered if possible: the train tracks I grew up playing on when I was a kid down from the old apartment in Palatine (bonus points if you land some in a boxcar or two while you're down there), somewhere along the path my dad and I walked in the Humboldt Redwoods the first time I had a real psychedelic experience, grotto rock, and off the edge of Grizzly Peak - some from the tree and some from the third turnout, respectively. If anyone feels the need, it would be nice if people came together over it. People who want to speak on the matter, should. I hope no epitaphs are prepared and that everyone speaks freely and censors nothing- praise and criticism alike - I want everyone to remember me as a human being with flaws and gifts, not as some candy-coated memory of a ghost. Yell at me, yell at them, cry, profess pleasure, reminisce, hug each other, shake your head real good and hopefully that got a lot of it out of your system. Have a bonfire or picnic (depending on the season) for everyone afterward. If you want it to be in memory of me, prepare dumpstered, free or otherwise cheap vegan food and eat lots of candy, have a little concerta with toy instruments, talk about kittens, Kurt Vonnegut and revolution. Jokingly argue about who gets what clothes or why so and so deserves the guitar or who wants to raid my hard drive first. Try to have fun. Remember that I love you and at that point, the biggest favour you could ever do me is to not worry about me anymore.