Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Ms. Crackers
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA



I haven't given much thought into the afterlife, but I like the idea of my energy being distributed to another being/object once my current being/object is done with it. After all, are our bodies much more than a vessel for our mind, our ideas, our actions, our souls? Blah blah blah.
When I die, please donate my useable organs to whomever needs them. Eyes, ears, skin, whatever can be used to save another person or ease their suffering...give it all up. That being said, I would like a few pieces of me left...because it's important to the next step.
I don't want to be buried in the ground, and although some might think its creepy for a number of reasons, mine is very practical. If zombies have not taken over the world prior to my death, I am almost certain it will be afterwards. I do not want to become a reanimated corpse - so my reason for not wanting to be buried is very practical. No zombies.
Instead, please cremate me in the most economical way possible. I know having an urn full of ashes around can be creepy, so please then turn me into a diamond. Yes, yes, I know it's expensive, but consider that to be an equally creepy family heirloom - "Hey, look! Mom came for the family reunion". Make sure it doesn't go to the kid who will hock it for smack money, though, that will make my diamond self very sad. Until we know which one that is, please give it to my husband, or if he has already passed on, the person I have chosen as the keeper of my estate.
As for my funeral, let's keep it reasonable. I've never been one for big, dramatic events, so maybe you could all get together at my house and watch home movies (if they exist), look at pictures, have some favourite foods and basically just hang out for a few hours. I think a nice, relaxing evening would be great. If I can't be there in body, I'll be there in spirit...and in the form of an awesome canary yellow piece of bling.