Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Hannah F.
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA



When I die, I would like to be buried next to the person who I've spent much of my life with, my loved one. If he dies after me, please ask him where he wants to be so we can be together in the ground.
I would like to be buried in my favorite dress, whichever it is at that point. Please lay 4 strands of pearls around my neck, one of my sister's, one of my grandma's, one of my mother's, and one of my nana's.
There will be a meadow walk before the ceremony, in which everyone who attends will choose a flower to put over me/in my coffin. I don't want a shiny, fancy coffin, just a simple coffin that will decompose well in the soil.
Wherever I am buried should be somewhere near a river, where my musician friends will arrive on boats, playing beautiful melodies on banjo's, guitars, ukulele's, and whatever else they want to play along with their singing voices. I'm sure it will be a melancholy sort of ceremony, but I want it to be peaceful and some what joyful, with everyone I love all together, remembering times with me, talking, laughing, playing music, thinking about the future and the past.
I want it to be in the late afternoon, approaching sunset and nightfall. Little white lights will be around and there will be really good food for everyone to eat. All of the food will be vegan.
My coffin won't be open, because I don't think that's a good way to see someone off. However, there will be many photos that have memories attached for people to look at.
It will be a celebration of the life that I lived, and of the people who lived it with me.