Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Karen Gabrielle
Newport Beach, California USA



First, there should be a big, Catholic mass, everyone will come and listen to my favorite priest talk about how much I embraced life. He will tell little stories in his Irish brogue, things from his childhood that somehow tie into my own life. He is very good at that. He will talk about how much I loved people and how my eyes would light up when we had our little meetings to talk about God and beauty and other interesting things. My youngest brother will come to the altar; it will be hard for him to speak but then he will get it together and say funny, sarcastic, tender things about our crazy family. He will mention how he wanted to kill himself every time I told a story because it would take forever. Everyone will laugh and he will say, "I am going to miss that the most, her long stories." My best friend and my mother will not be able to talk, they will be too sad, but my cousins Dena, Diane, Donna, April, and Cindy will talk about how much we loved each other, and about "girl day." After the mass everyone will leave except my family. They will make a circle, holding hands, around my coffin. They will say the "Our Father," together and then they will sing, "Las Mananitas" (the Spanish birthday song). My body will be cremated and my close family and friends will be invited to a big after-the-funeral-party. The party should be held in a big, Moroccan tent and "Cirque du Soleil" characters should be prancing around, handing out cocktails and appetizers. There should be candles everywhere, the room filled with celebration, poetry readings, face painting, wine tasting and dancing. Off in the corner, my closest friends will be handling my ashes. They will make pulp (like paper making) and to my ashes they will add water, a drop of my favorite perfume, pages from my favorite books, favorite photos, a drop of lemon, a drop of Amaretto and dried baby pink roses. They will make pulp and then dry it out. After the pages are dry, they will write down wishes and prayers for me and for the world. Then the pages should be flown to the tiny, cave chapel at Monserrat cathedral in Barcelona, Spain. They should be tacked next to the miracle letters, next to all the milagro offerings. Everyday, hundreds of pilgrims will read the prayers and wishes written on my ashes and they will resonate through space and time. If I have been reincarnated then the prayers will help me in my next life. If there is no reincarnation, then the prayers will help the world and will remind my soul how much I was loved. The end.