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Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Magdalena Glass
Petaluma, California USA
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I used to want to buried when I was younger, because I was afraid of cremation, I always thought there could be a chance I would be alive, and hence, be burnt alive, but now, I'm more afraid of being trapped in a box under the earth.
When I die, I want my closest friends to make sure I am dead, then I would like to be cremated.
At my memorial service (which should be held out doors at dusk, in a vast field of weeds and flowers), everyone will be dressed in either red or white; they will sit at a grand table and eat grand food and drink grand wine. They will speak of me, I want nobody to hold back, recall the good, recall the bad. In the background a mix cd that I will have made prior to my death will play; on this cd will be songs that evoke feelings of sadness and feelings of gratitude. Cat Stevens, Iron & Wine, Rilo Kiley, Bob Dylan, and Mirah will be some of the artists on the cd. When the cd runs out, I would like there to be a fiddle player, maybe if my friends would like to play instruments, that would be nice.
I should like David to deliver my eulogy, if I go before him. I think he knows what to say, he told me once what he would read at my funeral. I would like a note to be given to him, written by me that reads simply: thank you.
Everyone will depart at dawn, just before the sunlight makes an appearance. Whomever that would like it, should take some of my ashes with them before they leave. The remaining ashes can be thrown anywhere really, and by whomever wants to do it, just do it near the ocean. I'll be happy there.
I hope I will have lived a modest but noble life.