Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Kirsten Gregg
Honolulu, Hawaii USA



I am dead now. I bet I never made it to space so here's what you can do for me. I'd like to donate my organs of course but before that I'd like my mom's friend Sally, if she's still alive(she's a mortitian and she "loves her dead people" as it's "not the dead we should fear. it's the living!" she's southern and magnificent and does a beatifull job on the dead) to fix me up in one of my favorite vintage dresses with stemless flowers all around me and have someone do some beautiful photos of me dead. Please give them to my husband if he's still around and my best friend...they'd really appreciate that sort of beauty. I thought of joining my husband in his chosen death placement...to be stuffed and molded into an action pose. I think I won't do that. It will likely be quite difficult on those having to deal with the pain of my death. I'd like someone to write N.A.S.A. and see if they won't take my body on up there with them and let it out to drift. I want to just drift through space in a beautiful 1930's white dress and hopefully collide with something magnificent. Please do this for me. Tell N.A.S.A. some tragic story about me, pay them, whatever...just get me up there floating around with a big smile on my face...and wearing my white or off white dress, preferable a flowy one. yes, it should flow. I'm fully aware that the money being used on this space expedition that I'm hitching a free ride on could be put toward some humanitarian cause...but I just donated my organs and the N.A.S.A. crew is going up there anyway, with or without me so cut me some slack, Mmm-kay. If you can't do this then drop me into the grand canyon from an airplane. I have been there before but I have not jumped into it...an urge i resisted only because it would have killed me to indulge. I also wanted to pee down the side of it but it was too crowded and we had to get to california..no time for jail. I'm so serious about all of this. this may be the only recorded "will" of sorts in relation to this subject. If all airplane or spaceship attempts fail then just send me on back to Tennessee (my home) and float me down the red river.