Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Eryn Heakin
Greensboro, North Carolina USA



When I die I want to be cremated, for a while I didn't know what I wanted done with my ashes, there is no place that is particularly special to me where ashes could be spread (my bed? my favorite record store?). I mean I wouldn't want to be sitting in an urn or a paper weight or anything, I just figured I would let someone else figure it out. Now that I have been thinking about it I want my two best friends to go to amsterdam and dump my ashes in a canal. I studied there for a semester in college and I had a really good time. Sometimes, when i get really stressed out or depressed I think about riding my bike around the city and calms me down. I think about my funeral/memorial service a lot, not in a morbid way though. I just like things done my way and I don't want anyone to fuck it up, it's MY funeral. It should be the one time that I get things my way, okay? Anyway, I want the service to be held at a unitarian church or maybe at my old college. I want lots of my favorite songs to play, I want that microphones song "I can't believe you actually died" to play because I think it would be funny. There's this mirah song from her black mountain music project that i really like called, "while we have the sun" and maybe evryone could sing it, i really like sing a longs. When I die I want some of money to go to my boyfriend/best friend to pay because his student loans because he has a lot of them. I want the rest of my money to go to my college radio station and the rock and roll camp for girls, because I t think it is a really great idea.