Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Ken Heidle
Buffalo, New York USA



When I die, and hopefully it won't be for a long time, I would like to have some specific things done with my body. I also wouldn't want my family to have to come up with any tough decisions on what to do, so by stating my intentions, it'll make their lives a little easier.
First of all, if possible, I would like any functionable and healthy organs transplanted to people of need. Since I plan on going into the medical field, I know that an organ transplant can save lives, and I would want to give that as my final gift to medicine and society. Therefore, also, I would be able to live on with someone else as well.
After that issue was taken care of, I would like my body cleaned up as good as possible and then dressed nicely probably in my favorite suit and maybe even with my doctor's coat on overtop. I would like to be placed in a nice casket (which I would have previously already purchased, leaving the burden again off the family) and then buried in a family plot. I would like to be buried next to my parents if possible. I don't know if this would be in my hometown or where, but hopefully it can be done nonetheless.
I really do not have any other requests, for what to do. If there was some object or token of mine that I was attached to, maybe I would want to be buried with that, but it really doesn't have to be anything extravagant. I would trust that my family would take care of any other minor issues, and even then hopefully those would have been discussed prior to my death. I want to make this affair as easy and simple as possible, so everyone that I love and care about can attempt to move on as quickly as they can.