Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Jessica Joy
New York, New York USA



It's important to me that my sister be the primary undertaker of my "estate" and body. I have two ideas right now as far as what should be done when I die. The first and preferred idea would be to figure out how to do a ritual on a river or lake or something in which a raft would be built with a little hut. My body would be given a little bed in the little hut, wrapped in white linens and adorned sos I looks purrty and anointed with oils and stuff sos I smells purrty. I'd like my funeral to be the process of creating the raft and hut, putting my body in, and setting it on fire down the river. My sister could enlist my friends and her friends, anyone who wants to help. This could be sort of an artsy party with music and colorsÉno drugs or alcohol, please. My sister would be able to organize it so that it would be to my liking, I'm sure.
The second idea (in case the first idea doesn't work out legally or logistically) would be to give away my organs and whatnot and cremate me. Then I'd like it if the same ritual happened as above, just with my ashes in the hut in some sort of special container. I would ask that it be somewhere beautiful. And I would ask that no one go through my belongings until my sister has and no one take anything until my sister has given permission. If that is not possible, whoever has been closest to me at the time - friend or lover - has to deal with it!