Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Joanna Kapusta
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



Ideally, I would die alone. I would travel to the house I grew up in and lay in the middle of the field behind the house. It has a very slight hill that the sun seems to kiss. I want to walk to the middle of the field and lie on the south side of the hill. I will take off my shoes and lay them beside me. I will close my eyes and lay on the hill with the sun beating down and listen to the life of the hill. And slowly as I lay on the hill with the sun beating down, I will give my life to the life of the hill. The sun will be on my skin. The bugs will crawl over me. The grass will slowly cover me. I will forever be a part of that hill, that field, this life ... And no one will ever know.
In case I cannot make it to the hill before I die, I will tell this secret to someone who will understand and they will follow the instructions. They will find the house, the hill, and leave me lying ear against hill, with my shoes beside me with the sun beating down.
My shoes should be red.