Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Bri Kennedy
Puyallup, Washington USA



I want a garden. I never knew how to grow and keep care of flowers in my life so when I m dead; I want someone to plant a garden in a public place (not a cemetery) with little signs in it saying either silly things or things to inspire hope or messages about elves and faeries. I want there to be a huge variety of flowers, even dandelions, because I always loved them; and sunflowers, and orchids, lilies, and irises I don t know if orchids could be grown, but they re my favorite flower, so I hope so. I do not want it advertised that the garden is there because someone died. I want people to just think it a peaceful place to go and sit and just be.
I would like, everything on my body that can be put to use, used. My hair (if it s long enough for I tend to cut my hair off a lot) to be cut off and donated to be made into wigs. I would like any healthy organs I have to be harvested and given to people who need them. I wonder if you can donate you blood after you died. If you can, I would like that. I m a universal blood donor. I want my skin given away for people who need skin grafts. I want my eyes given to anyone who may be able to use them. I want everything given away; everything. And then I want them to cremate my body and for the love of my life to decide if he should sprinkle them in my favorite places (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, New York, Seoul South Korea) or if they should be kept in an urn he chose or whatever he wants to do. If I do not have a love of my life when I die, I want my ashes to be sprinkled in San Francisco, off the famous bridge, because that always looked like heaven to me.
I want the following notes to be given to the following people:
Paul Loudon:
I love you Paul. Or is it loved now? Either way you were my first love and I never stopped loving you. Sometimes at night I would remember your voice and laugh or smile because you always did that for me. Made me laugh and smile. I was so happy to hear that you found someone to be with, someone to love. I wish you could have loved me like I loved you, but it just wasn t meant to be. And it came out for the best didn t it? I think it did. I want you to always be happy Paul. Look on the bright side of life.
Love, Bri
Lee Fox:
You I love and loved you more than anything in this world. You helped me pick up the pieces more than one time. Beautiful and perfect, you treated me like a queen, a goddess. I didn t know how to love myself so you loved me for me. You have a way with words and I never want you to stop writing. Always write, describe the world how you see it. Maybe you can write me something to put with my ashes? I would like that. I love you my Darling.
Love, Bri
Joel Kepler:
My friend, thank-you for always being there for me; even when I thought I was going insane you helped me through it. I will come visit you if it is possible, to tell you what I have seen and if everything will be alright. I could never forget you, I did love you Joel. Though I didn t share it enough. I loved you the way one loves their absolute best friend. I will always be here for you. Even now with my body gone, call on me and I ll do everything in my power to come. I will change the stars for you.
Love, Bri
To my family:
Sometimes you were overprotective, your reasons were good but you refused to let me live life and make my own mistakes. I needed to feel safe around you, but I couldn t always do that. I wish you would have told me it was ok for me to have sex before I was 18, I wish you wouldn t have worried so much, let me go places without supervision. But my life was not bad. You gave me a good life and I thank-you for that. I thank all of you for the sweet things you each individually gave me and apologize for all the hard times I gave you.
I love you
I would like whatever money I have in my bank account to be given to the person/people I was living with, if I was living alone, I would like it to be donated to the local humane society. I would like my things not to be kept, but to be donated or sold.
I ask anyone who knew me and is really sad that I am gone to let go of me, because this is what was meant to happen. It is a good thing. Live your lives. Today is your last day. Do everything.