Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Betsy Lewin
Alexandria, Virginia USA



What to do with My Body when I Die: Leave me to rest, to listen and to be.
I want someone to cremate me.
Then take me to a forested area, (at the present (06/17/06), to GW Parkway in Washington D.C.) find one tree with a deep opening in it, and place me inside, sealing it with mud. Leave without mark or ceremony.
Although one can visit me, I want no decoration or upkeep around my resting spot.
If someone wants to come, they can- they can come to talk.
I want people to come because they want me to listen; to appreciate my presence, meditate my response, affect and find resolve.
I would like no protest if the space or tree I reside in is removed, or dies.
If one is so disturbed by this, they may quietly take the tree I reside in, or a manageable amount, cremate it, and place it in yet another tree.
This may continue so on and so forth.
I want someone who loved me to do it. However, I want a loved one to undertake this process if it will heal and solidify my death for them.
If not, then I want someone who can love and treat me tenderly to do it.