Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Trina Merry
Glendale, California USA



I would like to forgo the formaldehyde process, as I can't really see anything more unnatural, and be buried in a bio-degradable box made of materials that accelerate plant growth. I want to be buried with my hands holding a pot made of that same material, miracle grow soil, and strong seeds from an oak tree (the wisest of trees, say the druids). The plant should then have the materials to grow quickly, but I am a little worried it won't have enough soil- so soil may have to be packed around my body. Then my body should give it the nutrients it needs to build healthy, strong roots.
That would be beautiful.
I think it's illegal in America for bodies to be placed underground without formaldehyde (which, by the way, is poisonous and seeps down to the ground water), so I might have to get buried somewhere else. Although I can think of several exotic places I could be buried when I die, I would like my body to be in a place my family can easily travel to, so their kids can play in (my) branches.
I do not want to be buried in a cemetery with the newly dead- I HATE the newly dead. I would prefer to be in an old cemetery, or better yet, no cemetery at all. I would like my family to take a trip up the West Coast, like we did as kids, and see the national forests- Yosemite, Big Sur, Santa Cruz mountains, Oceanside, Mount Rainer, etcÉ these have always made us happiest.
The place I would like to be buried, if possible, is in Sarah Crowley's backyard. I know she would take care of the tree. (Sorry Sarah. I won't haunt you, I promise- I'll just provide you with strong shade and peace.)