Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Ian Minich
Tucson, Arizona USA



The assignment I chose was number 51, which was to explain what to do with my body once I die. I thought a lot about this idea and I came up with a detailed procedure for what should be done with my remains. First of all I don't like the idea of my body decomposing and rotting under the soil in a small, confined box for all time. When I die I would much rather be cremated into a pile of ashes. After this had been done, the most complicated part of the procedure would come into play. I would most definitely want my family member or members to have possession of my remains. I have thought about it and I would want my remaining ashes to be spread in a variety of places. First of all I would want maybe a quarter of myself thrown into Lake Superior because I love the lake and have spent a decent amount of time in it and around it. Next I would want to have my second quarter of remains tossed around the yard where my family or where I currently lived before death, just to have a part of me nearby my loved ones. My third quarter would then be spread over an unfinished Gibson guitar before the final finished coat was put on it, thus sealing myself onto the surface of the guitar and given to someone who was close to me and loves playing guitar as much as I do. Finally the remaining quarter of my remains would be mixed into the solution inside a lava lamp so I could eternally be inside and move gracefully around when the lamp was turned on by my loved ones. Although before this I hadn't given it much thought, my remains would be best fit at these four places.