Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Errin P.
Utah, USA



i have thought of this for a very long time. because i believe in ghosts, i am very concerned with what they do with my body after i die, not because i want to use my body to haunt people or anything, but because i would really like to watch what happens, and maybe imagine the feelings of what is happening to everyone there, and so i can imagine what it must feel like just to be my body in this way.
i told my little sister to do this, because she is the person that i trust with such undertakings. i don't know if legally it can all happen, i know that some of it is probably possible, and some is a little bit gross, but not to me!
i would like to be cremated, because i think there's so much more you can do with someone's ashes than you can their corpse in a box. i don't care what happens at my funeral--maybe just everyone telling stories of funny or sad things that i said to them when i was alive.
my ashes, though, this is important. with a large portion of them, i would like them distributed into the number of envelopes of the day of my death (for instance, if i die on the 7th, then 7 envelopes, 23rd in 23 envelopes and so on). in each of these envelopes is a note that says: "don't worry, it's just me, love errin" and then have these mailed all over the world to people i don't know.
with the rest of my ashes, (and this is where it could potentially be gross) i would like th rest of my ashes sprinkled in the food that is being served at the "after-party" i just think it would be really nice to get to be so intimate and be a part of so many other people's lives and bodies. This could also work for people who smoked, and I could be inhaled in some type of peace-pipe smoking ceremony or something. i just want to be part of everyone.