Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Nathlie Provosty
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA



Though you can't control the weather, I'd like a post-death, post-cremation ceremony while sunny and warmishly cool. The two locations would be North Haven, ME and Meherabad, Maharashtra, India. Both places I'd like to be tossed into the breeze (making sure nobody is too close downwind like in The Big Labowski). On the rocky Maine coast, after I'm in the ocean, I'd like people to sniff and appreciate the luscious salty air. In India, I'd like a small home-made ceramic container of my ashes be taken inside the tomb of Avatar Meher Baba and placed on His marble tombstone. After leaving it there for a moment I'd like the ashes to be taken outside away from the tomb a bit and sprinkled onto the earth.
PS. I don't want a wake or any sort of stuffy ceremony in a plushly decorated unfamiliar death-building. No casket either. If there is to be any memorial stone, it should be in North Haven, ME, modest, and with only my name and dates of birth and death, and maybe the words, "to meher baba."
I would want people to be happy in the knowledge that I have moved on in my journey but am still connected to everyone. I would want lots of laughterÉno stuffing of emotions of any kind. It would be best to get it all out, while still making an honest effort to be happy in the moment.