Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Kelly R.
Washington, D.C. USA



I never thought about it much before, but suppose I would like for my body to be cremated. Mostly so that my ashes can be put into an urn, (or some kind of super fun vessel that's totally me) so I can spend one last time with my family and friends. I would like for my parents to host a potluck for me and everyone I love, so we can all eat, drink and get completely toasted. I want to be placed on top of a couple of pillows at the head of the table (I've always been on the short side) and for lots of Radiohead to be played. Dinner must include my grandmother's tater tot casserole and my mother's fried chicken with mash potatoes and gravy. Ice cream cake will follow. The next day, I would like to be taken to the beach, just for an hour or two, but only if it's sunny and the windows are down on the ride. After I die, I would like for any organ possible to go to someone who needs it and at the reception following the funeral, I would like for french fries of all kinds to be served. And even though it is a home I have yet to really know, I would like to be returned in the end, to South Korea, and scattered at the alleged one time home of my biological mother. With love.