Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Jennifer Smith
New York, New York USA



When I was younger, my grandma always told me that when she dies, put her body in a garbage bag and dump it in the river. Now, many people would consider this a form of disrespect for oneself, but it taught me a valuable lesson: Life is about what we do with ourselves while we have it, not what happens to our bodies once we're gone. The true essence of self is in our spirits, or our souls. While I definitely, without hesitation, respect each person's right to his or her own beliefs about the outcome of his or her body after death, I must say that I don't have any particular attachment to my own! I feel it a waste of natural space and beauty to be placed in a casket, in a vault, sealed off from nature, below ground for my remains to simply stay. In an ideal world (as I know it would bring greater closure to family and friends), I'd like to simply be placed in something that will decompose naturally (a wooden box - no frills!) and buried directly in the soil so that my body will eventually go back from whence it came. However, I realize this is not possible due to strict laws (especially regarding sanitation, and I do understand the importance!). So, my alternative is to burn my body to ashes and use them to fertilize something. Now, I'm not talking anything special - I don't want a memorial garden or tree that people will look at and remember me by. I'm talking about a lawn, a meadow, something generic of that nature. Hey, if you have a spot on your lawn that refuses to grow - try my ashes, see if they do the trick!