Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Sienna So
Reston, Virginia USA



When my beloved friend Guia died her body became a shell in seconds. It was no longer her. I touched her body and it was cold and stiff, and it surprised me that it was quite dead and strange to me. I think I saw her soul fly out the window into the sun. I like that. I imagine my soul will flow out of my body the same way -- borne by the wind to fly over trees and skim over stones. I will be a daughter of the air. I'm not attached to my body, though I know when I die, my family will want to look at my shell and say goodbye for a few days. That's fine. But afterwards, please, donate the coffin and return every last piece of me to the earth or give parts away in one way or another. Please gouge my eyes out for the blind, harvest all my organs for the ailing, cut all my hair off for a wig, take anything that will be of use to anyone. Use my body for experiments that may aid in medical discovery. Feed my remains to the crows. Burn what is left in a pyre and scatter what little ash remains over a garden. Life contains us, death should be freeing, and I will be watching, laughing, enjoying my body-less state, blowing everyone I love a happy dream goodbye.