Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Camilla Stacey
Bristol, UK



When I die I want my organs to be donated and then the rest of me to be put in a pink bamboo coffin (my friend said she would paint it pink herself if they couldn't find a company that made pink coffins).
I want the ceremony to be held at the Cube Cinema in Bristol, where my coffin will be on stage so I can bask in the lights and the audience without worrying about dying on stage because I will already be dead. I will want all my friends to come, and get drunken and listen to music and maybe watch godzilla films or something like that.
I really really don't want there to be any religious element to the service, which will be hard for my parents to agree to as they are both christians, but i'm really not and it would be wrong to have someone talking about god when I believe in nothing.
I don't care where I am buried, somewhere that helps my family feel better, or maybe just stick me in the compost heap and hope I rot down fast enough.
I would like my house to be sold and the money split up between my nieces and nephews. I want all my friends to be allowed to take one piece of art from my collection and keep it. I want Jane to have the painting by Marci Washington.
I want my record collection to be divided up amongst the geeky boys and girls I know and my books to go wherever they are wanted.
If anyone makes any financial donations I want it to go towards setting up some kind of scheme to support artists with mental health issues, co-ordinated by Second Step (the organisation that helped me get back on track)
And if the Cube cinema can't hold funerals then try the basement of the gallery...