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Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Jill Stanley
Savannah, Georgia USA
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Life's an ephemeral process so I don't care much about what happens to my body after I die. But I prefer cremation over burial, for the ashes thrown wherever there's room, and no religious inclusion of any sort.
Whenever I think of my impending death, I often lament to myself, "Gee, I'll never hear --------'s records again." This strikes most of my friends as silly, yet music is what I'm most passionate about on any given day and I'd like my death to be celebrated with a copious amount of the music that I love. Mainly, I would call for my friends and family to spend a day listening to a stack of quality records while socializing amongst themselves (no funeral necessary). I've written up a helpful guide sheet that I wish for them to follow:
The Early Morning Wake Up (eggs prohibited):
Mirah, The Microphones, Tortoise
10 AM Dog Walk: The Sea and Cake
The Afternoon Lull: Fugazi, Radiohead (The Bends through Kid A)
Pond Hockey Extravaganza: Minor Threat, Ramones, Led Zeppelin
Optional Nap: Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Dinner Table Discussion (pizza delivery, no politics or religion on this particular evening): Thelonious Monk, Joanna Newsom
Late Night Dance Party: The Dismemberment Plan, Sleater-Kinney, Television, Talking Heads, an assortment of hip-hop selected by Miriah + Jen
Drifting to Sleep: Cat Power, Elliott Smith, Erik Satie, Rachel's, My Bloody Valentine
Exiting the Festivities (no SUVs allowed): Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf (my favorite piece of music as a little kid).