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Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Niki Tekchandani
Portland, Oregon USA
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I have known for a while what I d like done with my body when I die. I d like to donate any/all organs that a needy person/people could use, including my eyes, kidneys, heart, liver any anything else they can use. I d like my organs donated to a person or people who are in a desperate need for a transplant and their bodies have a high probability of being able to accept the new organs. I d like the rest of my remains cremated and the ashes scattered over Portland, Oregon, the forest surrounding the spirit rock meditation center in California, Indore, India and the Pacific Ocean.
As for a ceremony, there may be one with a gathering of friends, family and whoever else would like to attend where anyone could speak if they felt the need for it. I d encourage saying and doing whatever anyone there felt would be important in their process of grief. I d like a small silent meditation before the speaking began. There s no need to remember only the sadness and anger associated with grief, it d be just as appropriate to remember the happy times and mundane as well as profound moments. Ultimately, the ceremony should be based more on the needs of the group present there, not my needs.