Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Kentucky, USA



When I die, no matter if I'm slaughtered or if I'm totally undisturbed, I do not want to be embalmed. I do not want to be cremated. I just want to be put into a simple casket (nothing overly luxurious, because I never lived in anything luxurious while living, so why change things when I'm dead?) and sent to a funeral home. I either do not want to have a visitation, or I want to have a closed casket one. Because by the time I get there my body will already be rotting, so they might want to hurry it up, huh? I don't want my family and friends to see me rotting. I just want them to meet up there and be with eachother, so they know they aren't alone. I want my funeral to be a little more structured. I only want a few people talking about me. Ciera, my Ninney, and my parents. If my parents are remarried let my step-parents come, but don't let them say anything. And if they aren't, but are in a relationship with someone, I don't even want their partner there. They don't know me enough, and they would only be there for my parent. The funeral is for me, not them. But if they insist on coming, make 'em sit in the back. And then after everyone does their yaking I want whoever they pick as the bearers (I really don't feel like choosing them) to pick me up and put me in the hearse. Then they drive me off. (but not at 20 miles per hour. I want it to be pretty fast. They're people behind us that have places to go, ya know.) Once were at the spot (somewhere pretty, maybe on a hill under a tree. Not in some old cemetary with a bunch of old people that I've never met buried there. And not somewhere where they are going to destroy and build some highway either) they should just lower me in there. I would like to be buried with a notepad and a pencil, and maybe a camera? Something of the sort. On my tombstone I want it to say my full name and my birth and death date. Nothing else.