Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Kristen Weigand, CPF
Vancouver, Washington USA



I have always thought about what I wanted to have done with my body after I have died. This has never been a hard question for me or difficult subject matter. The key factors in my decision include: cost, time, and feasibility. My eventual death will not be upsetting or shocking to me, but I realize that it may be extremely difficult for others to handle. My decision allows family members and friends to be as involved or uninvolved with my death as they individually choose to be. People, who are important to me in life, will be given the chance to participate in the handling of my body after death, if they so wish, to provide them with closure and healing.
After my death, I wish to donate my organs, all except for my eyes or corneas. I do not want my eyes or corneas touched or removed. It is also my wish that my brain be removed and studied, and then given to an artist friend who has agreed to create an installation piece incorporating it, it would be our final collaboration. Once my organs have been harvested, I want one or two family members or close friends to clean my body and help prepare it for a final viewing. After my body is cleaned and prepared, I want any family members or friends who wish to view me for closure or healing to do so quickly, as time is of the essence, when a body is not embalmed. After the viewing, I want one of my photographer friends to photograph my tattoos for Jason's portfolio, and for Paul, my nephew.
I do not want my death to be a financial burden on anyone. I do not under any circumstances want to be embalmed or preserved in any way. I do not want to be buried. I do not want to be in a mausoleum or crypt. I want to be disposed of as economically as possible. I want to be cremated. I want this to be taken care of quickly by my sister, who I know will honor my wishes. I want my sister to accompany my body to the crematory, and if feasible, watch my body go into the furnace. I want her to make sure that my body goes in alone and that only MY ashes come out. I want my sister to take possession of my ashes.
Once my sister receives my ashes, I want her to plan a memorial in celebration of my life, with my family members and friends that want to be there. I want my memorial to be happy and upbeat, not sad and sappy. I want people to have fun, telling stories of our adventures together, and enjoying the day. I want my memorial to be at the La Jolla Cove. I want there to be all of my favorite music, my dogs, food from El Indio, lots of Dr. Pepper and Jagermeister, and cupcakes...toasted coconut cream cupcakes from St. Cupcake. After the memorial, any family members or friends who wanted to take some of my ashes with them would be allowed to.
For the closest people in my life, ones who took my ashes with them, I want them to take me on their travels with them. I want them to keep me with them until they are ready to let me go...until they find the perfect place for me...and then...let me go.