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Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Park City, Utah USA
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First off, no matter how or when I expire, I've had a GREAT LIFE...no regrets! OK, that said, here's what to do when I'm gone:
1. Harvest any useful stuff. My eyes are still good, kidneys work, my skin could be used for grafts (I think), and my heart is still strong (the liver may be a bit abused so get a liver doc to check it out before blindly giving it to someone).
2. Cremate anything that's left.
It's that simple! However, there are a few more little details:
3. DO NOT, under any circumstances, stick me in a medical classroom! I've given all my parts away...let 'em learn on someone else!
4. Please tell the organ recipients about me...who I was, what I liked, what I did for fun, where I traveled, how much I believed in organ donation, maybe even introduce some of my family to them. And tell them that they shouldn't feel sad for me or guilty that their life goes on when mine didn't...besides my sons, it's the greatest gift I could give to the world.
5. The funeral will be a party...that's my right as a dead guy! I want non-stop music played; photos, paintings and home-made movies available for viewing; plenty of food and drink; and all of the sporting gear that my kids can't use available to give to anyone who can use it and give it a good home.
6. I want someone to figure-out the last song I heard before I died, and play that at the party. Not an easy task, but a very important one to me.
7. One-quarter* of my ashes are to be carried along on the "First Annual Great Big Wasatch Crest Trail Mountain Bike Ride and Brat Fry" (ideally starting at Deer Valley and ending with a barbeque at my house) and chucked-off of the summit of Jupiter Peak to become part of the sedimentary record; one-quarter of the ashes are to be sprinkled liberally over Lambeau Field (preferably by helicopter because I've never been in one and this will no doubt be my last chance); the rest is to be divided evenly, placed in two earthen urns and given to my sons.
That's it. Now go out and enjoy every day!
Love, Zorch
* - as measured by weight, not by volume