Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA



Me: Fuck?!?!
Alex: Uh, hi.
Me: FUCK?!?!?!?$^&*##$@
Alex: Is this a bad time?
Me: Uhno.
Alex: I just called-
Me: I noticed that you called. I saw that you called on the call-screen-thingy and I was all like "Oh look, Alex fucking called."
Alex: Are you okay?
Me: Yes.
Alex: Um, okay. Look, I called to say that I, um, I was stupid and wrong the other day with what I said.
Me: Which. Thing. You. Said?
Alex: You know what I mean. The one where I broke up with you.
Me: Oh yeah?
Alex: Yes.
Me: And you realize this fucking now?
Alex: Yes.
Me: Why?
Alex: Because I didn't realize the way I felt about you!
Me: You realize it now. After your coward breakup. Good job.
Alex: I feel bad about that.
Me: So do I.
Alex: Will you forgive me?
Me: I don't know. I don'tfuckingknow.
Me: You're the first guy I've ever wanted. Sexually.
Alex: I... really?
Me: Yes.
Alex: Uh, I kinda want you.
Alex: I mean I do. Want you. Really.
Me: Hmm.
Alex: What now?
Me: I want you back. Let's have at it. Bu no more cowardice. Please. No, that's not a request. No more.
Alex: I like the way you're so... forward. It's interesting. And nice. A change, I guess, from all the not-so-forward people I hang out with all the time, including me.
Me: Well, thanks, I guess.
Alex: And no more cowardice. No more stupid moves like last time. I promise. I'm really sorry.
Me: Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
Alex: Brianna's party was the time, right?
Me: The time?
Alex: When me and you. I noticed in about the first hour that something was happening.
Me: ME TOO. I went home that night and the only thing I could think was "Whatthefuck just happened here? GOD. And with HIM, of all people!"
Alex: With me?
Me: With you.
Alex: Of all people?
Me: Uh. Yes.
Alex: What do you mean by "With Alex, of all people?"
Me: Never mind. Stupid.
Alex: I'd really like to know.
Me: I... it's not important. I made a mistake. The wrong words came out.
Alex: Oh, okay.
Me: What made you realize that you actually had feelings for me all along?
Alex: I remembered. The party. You. Your face. You're really pretty. I like you. You're fun. It was something I'd forgotten in the rush before I left, and then in the month away, I lost it. I'm sorry.
Me: It's okay. I was worried that something like that would happen, I guess. It's kind of stupid, I guess, trying to start a relationship before one of the people in the relationship goes away.
Alex: Yeah. No kidding.
Me: But... we're okay now? Or we will be once all the dust has fallen and we sort of settle in?
Alex: We're good now. I'm sorry, again, for all that.
Me: It's okay.
Alex: The picnic, we can still have it? Sushi and all?
Me: HELL YES. Tomorrow?
Alex: Okay. Twelve?
Me: That works for me. I'll bring muffins.
Alex: I'll look through my cupboards for something.
Me: Sounds good. Oh, my mom. Dinner. Sorry!
Alex: Okay, bye!
Alex: You too. Bye.