Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

San Francisco, California USA



Him: So how's...
Me: ...it going?
Him: Uh...ha...yeah?
Me: It's going.
Him: Same here. Work?
Me: Still long. Spanish?
Him: Still hate that class.
Me: What, you're not walking to class saying "si mi gusta?"
Him: Somehow I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.
Me: Damn.
Him: Oh yeah. And I got the box. Funny.
Me: I didn't know whether to get your oriental or beef flavor.
Him: When it comes to chewy ramen goodness, does it really even matter?
Me: Why would it?
Him: I'm glad that cleared up the mood.
Me: I bring awkwardness with me wherever I go.
Him: No you don't, you liar.
Me: You're right, I don't. It must be you.
Him: Hey, don't go pinning your "awkwardness" on me!
Me: I can't help it. It's contagious.
Me: So really. How's life going?
Him: It's taking its course. But there's only so much time one can spend soaking in a tub.
Me: Sometimes you need to submerge yourself. But you do have to come up for air.
Him: Yeah. It just kind of wears on me.
Me: What? Breathing?
Him: You know, being aware all the time. Taking it all in.
Me: But that's ---well--- you.
Him: Still. Even the great and charming me gets tired of my own skin.
Me: You shouldn't. What would you have without it?
Him: Some organs. Muscle. Lots of cartilage. A heart.
Me: How would you keep it all together? How would you contain it all? I think the occasional self-loathing is part of the game.
Him: Life's a funny game.
Me: And the rules suck.
Him: But rules are meant to be broke. You got to take that little rule sheet and rip-it-up-into-little-pieces!
Me: Whoa, this coming from Republican boy?
Him: Sure. I like breaking out.
Me: Great.
Him: I do my best.
Me: Why can't we ever talk like this?
Him: Well, buddy, we're doing that right now.
Me: I know. But why can't we talk like this when we actually see each other?
Him: I guess we don't need to then.
Me: We don't need to then?
Him: Yeah. Now, we've only got telephone and e-mail. But then, we've got ourselves. And that's good enough.
Me: I remember one time, after a sleepover, and everyone else had left, you and I went out to get coffee. And the tables had a chess boards, but, hey, there were no chess pieces. So we took the different packets of sugar, made little marks on them, and played the game anyway. Jesus, the people looked at us like we were crazy. But, no, it didn't matter.
Him: Exactly.
Me: Such wisdom. No wonder we call you the Pope.
Him: Oh yeah. So, I'll see you soon?
Me: As long as you get your ass out here.
Him: I'll try. See you, buddy.
Me: See you buddy.