Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Texas, USA



Me: hey
Jimmy: hey...
Me: can we start talking again?
Jimmy: I don't know. Have I given you enough SPACE yet?
Me: I'm sorry I said what I did, I've been really stressed, and most of it is coming from you.
Jimmy: because im the asshole, RIGHT?
Me: I hate how I cant ever say the right thing...
Jimmy: you say all the right things, theyre just too late. I just get sick of having to say things over and over again. I've given up on you.
Me: I gave up on your years ago.
Jimmy: I took a chance on you last year and I didn't get anything in return.
Me; I'll never forgive you for that.
Jimmy: that kiss?
Me: you took everything we had and threw it away. You messed with my head, fucked me up for life. that's why I asked you not to touch me ever again.
Jimmy: im so sorry. I was just confused.
Me: I wish you liked me...and meant it for once.
Jimmy: I did. You didn't like me back...
Me: I've always liked you. LOVED YOU. I just never understood how it was possible that we knew each other so well, and yet you didn't want to take a chance. It breaks my heart to know that we have a limited time together, and we wont explore all the possibilities.
Jimmy: me too.
Me: and I know that nothings going to come out of this conversation, nothing ever does. We'll just keep avoiding the issue. We wont touch, we wont lock eyes anymore, and we'll undoubtedly grow apart before the year is over. And maybe, just maybe, if it hurts this bad now, then it wont as bad when the time comes for us to leave.